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course details


  • This is a closed course, available by invitation only.


  • Saturday September 28 beginning at 8:00 am.
  • Sunday the 29th ending at 3:00 pm (plenty of time to drive home).


  • 20 minutes away from Gatesville TX (2.5 hour drive from Dallas / Fort Worth).
  • Once your deposit is received, directions to the ranch will be provided.

Skill Set

  • Do I have to be a high speed tactical Ninja to attend? Nope!
  • If you are safe with a handgun and are willing to learn to draw and shoot from the holster, you qualify.
  • Can Ninja’s come too? Yep!
  • If you are already proficient at “running and gunning”, you will have a great time and will be challenged far beyond your expectations.
  • No matter what your current skill set, the Rogers Range will challenge each of you, at your own pace. This course is for EVERYONE.


  • Range specific ammunition is required. Mission Critical will provide all of the ammo for the course at cost to you.
  • We will be shooting 9mm ammo only, so bring your favorite standard size, high capacity, 9mm handgun and several magazines.
  • We will send close to 1k rounds down range during this two-day course. The ammo fee is $210 for 1000 rounds of 9mm, including tax and shipping to the ranch.
  • Any ammo you do not shoot during the course can be taken home with you.
  • If you already have ammo that matches the criteria shown on the Rogers Range Texas FAQ page, you are welcome to bring it.
  • If you bring your own QUALIFYING ammo, $200 of the $210 deposit will be refunded to you once you arrive at the range.
  • Why do you keep 10 bucks? PayPal charges a fee to process the deposit transaction.

Course Fee: $0.00 (Zero Dollars)

  • The standard two day course fee of $550 has been waived!
  • In order to book the course, you must make a $210 non-refundable deposit for ammo.
  • If you do not show up, you will not get any of your deposit back! Why? Slots are limited for this one-time opportunity. When courses are free people tend to book a slot, then not show up, which takes a spot away from someone else.


The Holiday Inn Express in Gatesville is nice and new and runs about $115 per night.

  • You might consider sharing the cost with a shooting mate.
  • Food and Drinks – bring your own meals, snacks and drinks.

Curriculum – A hybrid course has been put together for our group, which includes learning and applying the Bill Rogers reactive shooting methodology. The goal of the course is to learn reactive shooting techniques to improve speed and accuracy during multiple target engagements.

Day 1 Morning Saturday, 28 September

  • Begins at 8:00 am.
  • Quick Prep Course – this will get everyone on the same page quickly, teaching the Rogers reactive shooting techniques

Day 1 Afternoon: 

  • Excerpts from the Rogers Shooting School Basic/Intermediate Handgun, Day 1 format (see description from the Rogers Range School at end of Anna's email)
  • Social ‘Get to Know Each Other Better’ Dinner in Town - no makeup or clothing changes needed. You're in the country. We love regular people!

Day 1 Evening: 

  • Rogers Shooting School Basic/Intermediate Handgun, night shoot.
  • Bring your handheld or weapon mounted light! Note: a weapon mounted light is optional.  The training block is based upon handheld flashlight techniques.
  • This training block is optional – if you are tired, you can head back to your hotel after dinner (and miss the fun).

Day 2 Morning Sunday, 29 September

  • Begins at 8:00 am.
  • Excerpts from the Rogers Shooting School Basic/Intermediate Handgun, Day 2 format.
  • Course ends at 3:00 pm, giving you enough time to drive home on Sunday

Gear to Bring

Additional Information on RRTX and their Courses


beretta apx package

Did you read the gear list and say "I don't have all of that stuff..."

Beretta Gallery of Dallas is providing, free of charge, 6 full size Beretta APX demo packages for this course, including pistol, 17 round magazines, holster and mag carriers.

This offer is for ladies who have the desire to train, but do not currently have a high capacity 9mm pistol and the gear to match.

2 of the 6 complimentary packages remain.

How Do I Sign Up?!

In the CONTACT US section below, please provide the following information:

Your Name

Your CORRECT Email Address

(If your email address is wrong, we cannot respond back to you)

Your Phone Number

City and State of Residence

(This might help you ride / room share with someone close to your home)


Write this in the box "RRTX - Ladies"

(If you don't write this, we won't know what course you are looking for)

In the Message line, let us know if you would like an APX package, along with any questions or a message you might have for us.

How Do I Pay the Deposit?

Once we receive your message via the CONTACT US section below, Aim True Group will generate a PayPal invoice and send it to you.  Once your deposit has cleared, you will officially be enrolled in the Rogers Range Ladies Invitational training course.

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I cannot wait to see you all on the range! Anna