Stop the Bleed® Version 2.0

The Stop the Bleed® course was created by the American College of Surgeons and is taught around the country by qualified instructors. The class teaches the basics of identifying and treating life-threatening bleeding via the application of tourniquets, wound packing and pressure dressings. It teaches what “immediate responders,” i.e., bystanders can do to stop potentially fatal bleeding before professional emergency responders can arrive. 

This training is the prerequisite to our TacEvac (Tactical Evacuation) course.

Course Fee:  FREE to all participants

Course Description:  The course includes a formal PowerPoint presentation (official Stop the Bleed training program) along with hands-on practice labs including direct pressure application, junctional wound packing, and the application of tourniquets at extremities.

Course Curriculum: Download the Training Booklet in the link at the bottom of this page.

Duration:  90 to 120 minutes 

Audience:  The course was developed to equip any non-medically trained individual with the basic skills needed to control life-threatening bleeding until medical help arrives. 

Number of Participants: Minimum = 6.   Maximum = limited only to the capacity of the location.

Location:  The course is designed to be taught at schools, places of worship, businesses, etc.

Note:  There is no liquid, stage blood, moulage (makeup / fake wounds), or spilling / staining elements associated with the training.  Neither your clothing nor the host facility will be damaged by participation in this course.


Uncontrolled bleeding is a major cause of preventable deaths. Approximately 40% of trauma-related deaths worldwide are due to bleeding or its consequences, establishing hemorrhage as the most common cause of preventable death in trauma.

Average time to bleed out from massive hemorrhaging:   2 to 5 minutes

Average time for first responders to arrive on the scene:    7 to 10 minutes

Bystanders can fill the critical time gap and STOP THE BLEED!

Anyone can be trained and ready to save someone’s life – a friend, a family member, a colleague or the person next to you – whether you know them or not.

Learn how you, your family, your school, your place of worship, your company or any other organization you are a part of can be prepared to Stop the Bleed.


interested in hosting a course?

Host Information

We are actively pursuing locations to host this FREE training course. Not only is this an invaluable public service, but it can also be an excellent way to bring new people to your location. 

Host Location Requirements: 

  • Tables and chairs for a minimum of ten (10) participants
  • Screen or wall mounted television for instructors PowerPoint presentation
  • The host location can be as simple as someone's home or office for small group training sessions, or as large as auditoriums, gymnasiums & conventions centers.

Note:  There is no liquid, stage blood, moulage (makeup / fake wounds), or spilling / staining elements associated with the training. 

Below are links to course related materials including is the official Stop the Bleed training booklet, which describes the full course curriculum.

Private training courses can be setup at your location, for the sole purpose of training your specific group only – or – open enrollment training dates at your location can be posted on the Stop the Bleed website under the FIND a CLASS tab. Anyone searching for a course on the website would be able to sign up for a training at your location, with all course inquiries going through the instructors.

Please feel free to contact us via the link below or by phone with any questions you might have.

We look forward to booking at a course at your location.


Stop the Bleed Video Short


Official Stop the Bleed Web Links


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There are currently no open enrollment courses available for the remainder of 2019.

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There are currently no open enrollment courses available for the remainder of 2019.

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