A Tribute To Our Amazing Instructors

Clint Smith Thunder Ranch With Aim True Anna

Clint Smith - Thunder Ranch

Clint Smith is a legend in the firearms training industry, and was my first professional firearms instructor.  He transferred the gift of range safety knowledge and discipline to me in a format that only Clint can provide.

Thank you Clint for your service to our country, and for the invaluable education you have provided to me, and to so many students, for so many years.

Jeff Martin Garrison Arms with Aim True Anna

Jeff Martin - Garrison Arms

Jeff Martin is a Navy Veteran, a police officer, a TCCC instructor, and the person who encouraged and inspired me the most to pursue and achieve my goals with firearms training and instructor certifications.  I am thankful for our friendship, and for you all you have done, and continue to do for community and country.

We Back the Blue!  

Travis Haley Haley Strategic Partners with Aim True Anna

Travis Haley - Haley Strategic Partners

Travis Haley has been instrumental in my firearms training, gently guiding my evolution as a shooter with his unrivaled patience and attentiveness. He is the master of devising weapons manipulation techniques, as well as gear selection and placement that works best for my small stature. 

Thank you Travis for all you have done for our country, for always placing your shield over the downtrodden and helpless, and for instilling the "Thinkers Before Shooters" mindset within me.


Robert Bruce - Haley Strategic Partners

Robert Bruce is the hardest working man on the line.  He has a way of striking that perfect balance between tough as nails RSO (aka Drill Instructor) and gentle giant.

Thank you Robert Bruce for all that you have sacrificed for our country, and for always spending that extra time with me on the range.  Go 5th Marines!


Major James Williamson - Teufelshund Tactical

Major James is the quintessential officer and gentleman; ever attentive to the needs of his students. He is not only a master armorer, but a master instructor, in every sense of the word.

Thank you Major James for your career service to our country, for your unyielding attention to detail, and for always making it feel as though I am the only person on the range during training.

Dom Raso Dynamis Alliance with Aim True Anna

Dom Raso - Dynamis Alliance

Dom Raso is a warrior through and through. As my first combatives instructor, he has opened my eyes to an entirely different mindset as it relates to the world of defensive gun-fighting.

Thank you Dom for your service to our country, for your unwavering defense of our Second Amendment Rights, and for teaching Americans what it means to have "The Will to Fight!"