Objective: Provide an introductory course on extreme long-range shooting, on a private range with instruction from military and law enforcement professionals. You will learn the skills and techniques required to operate your VICTRIX ELR rifle to proficiently hit your target out 1200+ yards


Range Time: 3 Days


Knowledge of firearms safety, muzzle control and muzzle discipline.  No prior experience with a precision rifle is required


  • Setting up the rifle to biomechanically suit the individual
  • Fundamentals of precision rifle shooting
  • Establishing zero
  • D.O.P.E collection
  • Reticle range estimation
  • Mildot Master work
  • Reading, dialing & holding wind / ballistics calculations
  • Multiple target engagement work at both known & unknown distances ranging from 200 to 1200 + yards


  • VICTRIX Scorpio rifle in .308 or 6.5 Creedmoor
  • Steiner M5Xi 5-25x56 optic & mounts
    • Choice of MIL DOT or MSR reticle
  • Bipod, sling, shooting mat, rifle support gear
  • Ammunition
  • Data book
  • Mildot Master slide rule 
  • Professional & diverse military & LEO instructor cadre
  • Meals & accommodations 

Student Required Gear:

  • Seasonally appropriate clothing
  • Cold weather gear
  • Rain gear
  • Eye & ear protection
  • Note taking gear

Max Participants: 12

Course Date: 2019 Course Date TBD

Course Fee: $18,500

Contact: Beretta Gallery Dallas

                 (214) 559-9800

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This three day precision rifle immersion course is hosted by our partners at Fortress Training Facility, on their private 2300 acre ranch on the outskirts of Gatesville TX (approx. 50 miles west of Waco). As access to the ranch is by invitation only and there are no range members, you will not be sharing time with shooters out for the day to zero their deer guns, or anyone else for that matter. This immaculate, varied terrain facility, including the classroom, the 600 yard square range as well as the numerous known and unknown distance ranges (up to one mile), along with hundreds of pieces of custom AR-500 steel silhouettes is reserved exclusively for Beretta and the VICTRIX long range precision rifle training course.


This turnkey training opportunity outfits the shooter with the unparalleled VICTRIX Scorpio precision rifle, Steiner optic, bipod, sling, shooting mat, ammunition and all of the essential rifle support gear. Trainees need only arrive with their personal gear. Once on site, rifles and equipment will be distributed by staff and the custom fitting up process between shooter and rifle can begin.


Training commences early morning, running into the evening, with lunch and dinner prepared and served on site by Chef Jesse Morris and his team of Killer Chefs. Transportation of shooters and gear throughout the day is provided by staff via the custom Deuce & ½ and Humvee military vehicles. Participants are shuttled to and from the hotel both mornings and evenings, while rifles and equipment are stored overnight in the Fortress vault. 


A diverse instructor cadre, composed of real world experienced active duty and / or retired professional military and law enforcement snipers, paired with a low student to instructor ratio, at this pristine one of a kind training facility is sure to be the experience of a lifetime.